2015 Gold Medal Winners

Stanley Siegelman MD

Stanley Siegelman MD was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Cornell University and State University of New York college of Medicine at NYC. He spent 12 years at Montefiore Hospital in New York as resident, chief resident, and faculty member. One of the last academic general radiologists, he was actively involved with Chest, Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, Genitourinary  imaging ,and Mammography. He was a founding member of the International Skeletal Society and The Society of Cardiovascular Radiology.

Dr. Siegelman arrived at Johns Hopkins in 1973 with an appointment as Professor of Radiology and Director of Diagnostic Radiology.  He served as Director of Residency training for 35 years .He was the initial Director of Body Computed tomography at Hopkins, which began in December 1977. His first three fellows in Body CT, Drs Elias Zerhouni, David Naidich, and Elliot Fishman have all gone on to distinguished careers including all 3 being fellows of this society, Drs Naidich and Fishman having served as President, not to mention Dr. Zerhouni’s prior role as Director of the NIH. Dr. Siegelman was an early member of the Society of Body Computed Tomography. He helped to organize and participated in its initial annual refresher courses and he served as President in 1987.

From 1986-1998 Dr. Siegelman was Editor of Radiology. Reviewers from Europe and Asia were recruited and several were eventually elevated to The Editorial Board. Under his auspices, Radiology became the most frequently cited Radiology journal and the diagnostic imaging journal with the highest impact factor.  

Dr. Siegelman has produced 8 textbooks, including a volume on CT of the Thorax coauthored with Drs Naidich and Zerhouni. That book is one the classic texts in Radiology. Many remember reading it cover to cover several times during my residency.  


He has been a prolific author of important, scholarly articles in Radiology reflected in his 9,108 cumulative citations and his work generating an h-index of 50.  One of the Siegleman classics is a the 1986 article describing the CT assessment of the solid pulmonary nodule.


Frequently invited as a visiting professor, he has delivered 25 named lectureships.  Dr. Siegelman’s other honors include Gold medals from the Chicago Radiological Society (1986), the American Roentgen Ray Society (2001), and the RSNA (2002). He has been appointted as Honorary Member of the European Radiological Society (1995), the French Radiological Society (1998), and the German Radiological Society (2001).


We are delighted to add to that impressive treasure chest by awarding Dr. Stanley Siegelman the SCBTMR gold medal in recognition of his pioneering work in CT along with his stalwart commitment to education, training, clinical service, and scholarly achievement in cross section imaging.

Patrick Sheedy, MD

Patrick Sheedy was educated at the University of Notre Dame and received his medical degree from the University Pennsylvania. He entire professional career was spent at the mayo clinic, rising to the rank of professor in 1982. In 1977 he served as the scientific program director of the society of computed body tomography (before clinical MRI!) and served as president of the Society in 1979.

Some have commented on Dr. Sheedy's unique reporting style as if one were transcribing his dialogue with the referring physician, emphasizing patient management.    He was a pioneer in the early image guided interventional techniques and was the go to radiologist for biopsying small lesions.  He was known to laud cross-sectional imaging with the oft quoted dictum:  “We can see more on the CT than the surgeon can”, referring to their attempts at exploratory laparotomies.

Dr. Sheedy has been an avid contributor to the Radiology literature, having accumulated over 10,000 citations that yield an h-index of 58.   In 1977 he published a most novel paper entitled  “ Body Computed Tomography, A clinically important and efficacious radiologic procedure"!

Other key contributions include an original description of using CT to search for cancer of unknown origin, published in JAMA in 1982 and early work in the CT diagnosis and relevance pf pulmonary embolism.  He was also a pioneer in electron bam CT, and one of the visionaries in pursing the CT assessment of coronary artery calcium quantification.    To frame his imaging prescience, the title of his 1995  publication was, “Measurement of Abdominal and Visceral Fat with Computed Tomography and Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptomitry.”

Dr. Sheedy officially retired December, 1999, however he continued to work at the mayo clinic in body CT as a consultant for the ensuing 13 years. Currently he spent six months of the year in Minnesota and six months of the year in Florida. He maintains his interests in new developments in progress in body CT and MRI

His additional interests include time with family with his four children for children in law and nine grandchildren; he enjoys traveling with his wife Karen riding his horse and playing golf in Minnesota and Florida.

He enjoys and admires the contributions of members of the SCBT-MR and appreciate seeing the good health and success of the society.

For his many contributions to the field of computed tomography, his passion for education and patient care as well as his dedication to the SCBTMR, it is our pleasure to present the Gold medal award from our Society to Patrick J. Sheedy.