Dear Attendees

We can't thank you enough for attending SCBT-MR'S Annual Meeting. We know how busy you must be and the many educational activities there are to consider. Thank you for choosing SCBT-MR.  We hope that you left D.C with new information and friends in Body Imaging.

Thank you again for being part of this quality educational conference.  We look forward to seeing you at SCBT-MR 2019 in Denver, CO.

Research Award Winners

Young Investigator
Bryan Pooler, MD
Growth rates of sessile serrated polyps observed with longitudinal CT colonography

Erin Shropshire, MD
Accuracy of the LI-RADS v2017 treatment response algorithm for treated HCC

Todd Soesbe, MD
Measuring fat fraction with dual-layer spectral CT material attenuation decomposition plots: an iodine-independent method for imaging hepatic steatosis

Mathias Meyer, MD
The reality of iodine quantification in routine renal lesion CT imaging –  a comparison to conventional enhancement quantification

Kang Wang, MD
Convolutional neural networks permit estimation of whole-liver hepatic proton-density fat fraction from single or dual-echo chemical shift encoded MRI


Matthew Muckley, PhD
NYU School of Medicine
Pancreas deformation in the presence of tumors using feature tracking from free-breathing XD-GRASP MRI

Markus Obmann, MD
University of CA, San Francisco
Differentiating common oral medications from iodinated contrast using dual energy CT; a multi-platform phantom study

Harit Kapoor, MBBS
University of Kentucky
Endoscopic Necrosectomy in the management of Necrotizing Pancreatitis: What the Radiologist needs to know


Anushri Parakh, MD
Mass General
Evaluation of Bowel tagging and patient preference for customized positive oral contrast media at low kVp/keV Imaging: A Prospective Clinical Trial

Durgesh Dwivedi, MD

UT Southwestern
Assessment of intratumor heterogeneity using texture feature analysis in clear cell renal cell carinoma

Giuseppe Toia, MD 
University of Washington
Development of a nonlinear algorithm to identify minimal detectable concentrations of trace metals (iron, copper, zinc) using dual energy CT in a simulated Abdominal phantom environment

Meeting Hightlights!

 Meeting Recording
Sunday Afternoon Beyond Interpretation Advances in CT

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• Syllabus 

2018 Keynote


Geraldine McGinty MD, MBA
Choosing Wisely: Mentors, Sponsors, and Your Kitchen Cabinet

Dr. McGinty did her Medical training in Ireland at the National University and then came to the USA for residency at the University of Pittsburgh where she was Chief Resident. Her fellowship was in Women's Imaging at the Massachusetts General Hospital. While working at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx she completed an MBA at Columbia University. Learn More

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