Demystifying SCBT-MR

SCBT-MR: The Body Imagers Society with the "How To" Meeting on Body CT and MR

  •  SCBT-MR strives for highest quality education by involved, accessible experts
  •  Offers the practical balance between advanced and emerging body imaging techniques as well as updates on established techniques.
  •  Learn about new and advanced techniques from the experts with a focus on the “how to”
  • • Get up to date information on imaging protocols and criteria
  • • Junior members and members in-training would particularly benefit from the mentorship program and opportunities to be involved in the society.

Annual Meeting

  • • Learn about new and advanced techniques from the experts with a focus on the “how to” 
  • • Get to know the experts and thought leaders in the field while interacting directly with them in small round table discussions, Q&A sessions and social receptions.
  • • Varied presentation formats enhances learning; including short concise lectures, workshops, debates on hot topics, image interpretation competition, and round table discussions.
  • • Stay abreast of hot areas of research during the scientific session.
  • • Strong scientific session offer a great opportunity to present your work and get valuable feedback with the potential to win multiple awards.
  • As a member, you get a discounted rate to the meeting and access to resources, member’s directory and syllabi of past meetings.
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