Research Opportunities

The SCBT-MR is dedicated to fostering research in diverse subspecialties within body CT and MR through its research program. The Society's research program consists of The Scientific Research Abstracts which provide financial awards to winners.  Accepted abstracts are presented at the annual meeting to a national audience.  Presentations are eligible for awards recognizing excellence.

Scientific Research Abstracts

The Society encourages new and innovative research in body CT and MR through their research abstracts. Approximately 20 abstracts are selected for oral presentation at a scientific session held at the annual meeting. Award winning abstracts may receive funding for research in several categories:

  • The Hounsfield Award in CT, named in honor of Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, 1979 Nobel Prize winner for the development of computer assisted tomography
  • The Lauterbur Award in MR, named in honor of Paul Lauterbur, Ph.D., who first described the basic MRI technique in 1972 and published his first MR image in 1973 (zeugmatography)
  • The Moncada In-Training Award (Young Investigator Award), named in honor of Rogelio Moncada, M.D., a member of SCBT/MR who was instrumental in establishing our research awards program.
  • The Junior Faculty Award
  • The Cum Laude Award

More than one award can be made in each category, but are not mandatory to be given each year.


2017 Call For Abstracts coming early 2017.

Abstracts Archive

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